PrettyGreenBullet|The Exhibition|November 9, 2010

For all the hardships endured in getting this exhibition up and ready, I would say that the opening went quite smoothly. And I think I might have even enjoyed it a little too much for a girl whose legs were about to collapse into a fleshy pile around her feet. But enough of my wobbly anatomy. The night was fun, and hopefully a wee bit insightful, funny and enlightening. That’s all I can ever hope for. And a spare set of legs, medium size, ecru.

Thanks to photographer Khaled Al-Saleh for these photos. I’ll be posting some more when the exhibition is over (tomorrow 10am-2pm is the last showing).

Oh, and finally, if you were one of the creatives who worked on the drawing, please send me your name. I know most of you but there were some I didn’t get! I’ll be making a stop motion film of the drawing in progress and would like to credit all the artists who participated. Thanks!

a picture within a picture within a picture: yasmine alkandari doing drawing duties, aseel alyagoub getting ready for her contribution, mohammed alkandari photographing the girls and me photographing everything else

and the circus begins


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    • well, you can see it on the blog. for the small ones you can go to the postcard section under categories. i’ll be posting more photos. i missed your presence there x

  1. It was an absolute delight to see your blog in real life, if that makes any sense. Going through the sketchbooks in person was so gratifying! Great job and best of luck on the next one. :)

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