tentatively sisters

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I have become obsessed with scraps. There are scraps everywhere in my home and on my person (love that, my person). I have become quite brutal with these watercolor, collage, pen and ink postcards that I feel I must check myself and take a break. But I’ve been working so fervently and ferociously, and the brutality has become part of the whole process of constructing and destroying. I love the words which peek-a-boo like memories. Not specific memories but how we remember: in bits and pieces, filling out the gaps with exaggerated pain or happiness. These words are glimpses of the past, old wallpaper in a dilapidated building, walls that lay witness to events which in turn leave their imprints on the walls, and reformulate as ghosts. I’m enjoying the therapy I’m getting from these postcards. So why would I stop?

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  1. -Sharing the creative process of a work coming to life. “very nice”
    -The creative use of words to describe your feelings towards your work. “really impressive”

  2. I like what you are doing and find this so very interesting. The combination of paint and scraps absolutely draw me in to read what scraps you have pieced together. Very cool!!!!

    • thank you, leslie. i’m progressively more intrigued by the history of things. and these little pieces feel like i’m creating my own flash history. i live in kuwait, a society that values the new and the shiny. and with every (relatively) old building and every landmark i was fond of growing up demolished, i grow more desperate to cling to my past. so i create my little histories.

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