Creature Comforts

all that’s missing from this picture is me and a gray, rainy sky. perfect

I can safely say that I see a photograph in everything, one way or another. There’s something to be said about capturing a moment on film, or in this case digitally. Time here’s been paused, and although you can’t see it, your mind will deduce that I took a break, got up, grabbed my camera and snapped this photo. This could have been a photo of anyone’s desk, of anything on the desk. I’m just so intrigued by the shadows at a particular moment and that somehow, even inanimate objects, in a photograph, are suspended in time. Now if only it would rain outside, my morning would be complete.

disruptive dancer

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  1. many photographers hate gray rainy skies and tend to keep their cameras stashed away. these guys miss a lot on such days. they miss the magical soft shadowless light, the deep saturated colors and the solemn mood. there is always an image around to be captured even without a camera. it can be simply explored, enjoyed and recorded in ones mind.

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