Gallery Tilal|Eve Takes a Profile Picture

she's holding a canon G9. my beloved camera

I started this painting earlier today. Don’t be impressed, a lot of the paint was already on there (I rarely do this, but I’m painting over an old one that was sitting heavy on my mind).

7 Comments on “Gallery Tilal|Eve Takes a Profile Picture”

  1. I like the way she looks encased in her dress and so over-dressed for a playful roll on the floor with a camera. Is that a swim cap she’s wearing?

    • swimcap, hmmmm. i like it. maybe it is. you know, if i had enough of those dresses, i wouldn’t mind doing my chores or just lounging around the house in one of them. they are so feminizing. instead, i only have one (my engagement dress) and if i ever thought to wear it, i would have to choose between looking like a princess or breathing.

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