Babies on the Mind

a fellow bloggist, yousef alshaikh, left me a comment on facebook that 'this is just so weird! i drew a very similar sketch a few days back and called it "the making of you".' this is his sketch.

my drawing from the 'original virtue' slideshow

Click here to see the slideshow and here to enter Yousef Alshaikh’s world.

3 Comments on “Babies on the Mind”

    • it didn’t start as one but now that you mention it, what’s with 19 year olds having babies? it’s not just about popping a little one out, it’s about growing up yourself and being a proper mother to the child. there are too many like that in my family who look completely lost and overwhelmed. and these are the mothers (forget the dads, they just provide the sperm and pat themselves on the back for proving they are reproductive machines). and the moms treat their weeks old daughters like little dolls, adorning them with any little frilly bit they can get their hands on. talk about choking, smothering and purely bad taste hazards. so yeah, i guess it is a social critique.

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