I miss coffee, and I’m not a coffee drinker. I forgot to color in the cookie in the saucer so feel free to color it in with any flavor you like. I am hungry and have no energy this morning. I would gobble a rotten apple core collected from a garbage bin if you offered it to me right now. So it’s best I stay in and draw my lazy pictures.

5 Comments on “coffee”

    • cooper, cooper, cooper, i am very disappointed in you. i clicked on your name hoping to be transported to a jammy dodger recipe. you got me all jammy dodgered with no recipe to fall back on. you’re going to have to bring over a pack.

      • Jammy Dodger recipe? You’ve clearly missed the JD point! There are some things that are NEVER better if homemade – Jammy Dodgers are one example of this, condoms are another.

  1. the table looks like it is her skirt :) yabeela another zwara to you, but this time we draw together on the big loose canvas I messed with ;p

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