Dar Al Funoon Charity Exhibition 2010

the world's second best juggler, 2010, watercolor and ink on canvas, approx. 12 x 16 cm

In October Dar Al Funoon will be hosting its second Bayt Abdullah exhibition to generate funds for the children’s hospice, commissioned by KACCH to provide specialized care for children who are not expected to reach adulthood. Works will be sold at a token price so don’t miss it! I’ll post the details and a map closer to the exhibition opening.

6 Comments on “Dar Al Funoon Charity Exhibition 2010”

    • thank you, linda. it WAS tricky choosing/creating something for this exhibition. and it was important that the pieces were light, good-humored, and kinda thoughtful.

    • cooper! you have me both flattered and confused. ‘first best’. it’s like double negatives, my mind just won’t process it.

      wait, wait! are you saying I’M the world’s first best juggler? gee, thanks!

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