New Portrait|Yousef Abu-Ghazaleh

I started a portrait of my son, Yousef this morning. He insisted on wearing a suit because he wanted to give his children something ‘to remember him by’. He’s only twelve.

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    • it’s quite bizarre because he’s wearing a suit. so what a challenge to paint a boy in a suit and not make him look like a man with a child’s head. so far, he’s not very happy with it (and neither am i-it hasn’t created the buzz i had with the portrait of simon balsom) but he understands that this is a very early stage in the painting. and hopefully he has enough trust in mom’s skill and stick-to-it-iveness to know that she won’t leave it until she feels it really is him, suit and all.

      oh, and a ps: love the link, coop. as always you have something to share :)

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