Portrait of Simon Balsom|Day 2

the painting after session two. i need to keep reminding myself that i’m working with oils and not acrylics. i’m enjoying this very much, if only sometimes for the smell of the paints. it takes me back to new york 1990

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  1. Hi. The first time you published this work there was a veritable (and deserved) deluge of comments congratulating you on the work – I can’t remember what I wrote but it was probably something like “Wow!”. This time it got no comments. And I’m wondering if the reason for that is that your other readers felt the same way as I do, but didn’t want to say it. So I’ll say it. It has just, somehow, lost the ‘Wow’, and I’m not sure why. Anyone else feel the same or have anything to add?

  2. you are so right! i felt the same way right after i was done with the sitting. i’ve had a few days to figure out why it’s lost its original luster and i think one of the reasons was that i buckled. i was too afraid to take the risks i took in the original sitting because of people’s reactions and my own pride in my work. having said that, this is only the second session, in which i also feel like i started treating the oils like acrylics and the portrait became more two-dimensional. i’m not really worried because i’m going to be fearless after this. screw the fact that i might ruin it. i did it once i can do it again!

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