Birds & Bees

We had quite a huge dust storm a few days ago. The next day I found this paper in one of my plants. Just a single sheet of paper, blown away from its book, among other windswept jetsam and flotsam. I picked it up and thought: hmm, I wonder what bit of knowledge/nonsense has been dropped into my bushes. I must say I did a few literary double-takes when my eyes started picking up the words on the page: plants, seeds, rain, semen, birth. Apparently this page is from a chapter or section comparing the planet Earth and its plants to a woman giving birth. Other passages include the sperm of man being compared to raindrops. Anyway I saw the whole thing as a sign somehow and stuck a pretty picture on it.

8 Comments on “Birds & Bees”

  1. I wanna read the rest. Do you have another page of this?
    Semen is like rain, interesting indeed.

    • the book must be close by somewhere. i mean, imagine this page making it to a plant on my balcony! and it’s about plants! if you find the book, i’ll paint your face :)

  2. i liked what you did with this but i don’t like how they never mentioned bacteria in the whole process of “Nmew”!!

  3. love it, when I read the page I thought it is your pick, but when I read the comment, and that it is actually found! I am speechless, this is definitely a sign for something.

    • deema, i wouldn’t have posted it, or even looked twice at it if i hadn’t found it in my plants. the paper is filthy. i even washed it to get the loose dust off of it!

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