The Decosquad Again

decopatch frenzy

I don’t care what anyone says, I love decopatching. If I had my way I would decopatch anything and anyone. I was playing around ages ago and did this but never shared it with anyone but my closest and dearest. Cross the bridge for detailed photos.

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  1. I love it, Ghadah with an H! It adds a whole new dimension to a piece! And I noticed the chair when I first looked, is it becoming a signature? What is the newspaper u used here?

    • dear hussain with an h. i guess the chair has inadvertently become some kind of a signature. the newspaper is either the observer or the guardian weekly. not sure which.

  2. I think yo should do it,,it is amazing….why do you care what people say,, go a head & do it xx love it so much

  3. What do people know!
    This is fascinating! I love the noses, i love them so much! The chair is always dazzling when you just put it there.

    I love.

  4. Of course, folks would think I’m biased…. but the reason why I love Decopatch is that you can incorporate so many different mediums…. I’d like to send this link to Decopatch folks in Paris and Lyon with your kind permission….. I love the flowers- art/craft….. who cares?

    • people feel comfort in compartmentalizing people and things. it’s natural and i do it too. and you have my kind permission to send the link, of course!

  5. I don’t know. I think this is just too craftsy and not enough artsy. It isn’t amazing, and it doesn’t add any new dimension to you or your work. It is decorative rather than expressive. You’re an expressive artist – leave the decoration to the hobbyists and the old ladies with their needlework. Still, as one of your previous correspondents has written, and in the same vein as I started my comment – what do people know??

  6. you know, i never once mentioned in this post that the piece was anything other than what it is: me at play. it’s you who have opened the arts vs crafts can of worms here, without explaining your reasons as to why this is ‘craftsy’ rather than ‘artsy’. ask YOURSELF why this is craft rather than art, because i never claimed it was the latter, nor did i rule out that it wasn’t.
    and by the way, don’t knock the old ladies or their needlework. have you seen this if it hadn’t been for needlework, we wouldn’t have stuff like this. or this how’s mine different if only for taste?

  7. You first mentioned the ‘craft vs. art’ motif in your reply to Amira. If you check out the Decopatch brand’s website you’ll see that they label themselves as being a ‘Hobby & Handicraft’ company. Your use of their product in this way is self-limiting, and does not allow for the same expression that is demonstrated by the work of Judith Supine. I’m not ‘knocking’ old ladies or their needlework, but I am saying that your work is far removed from it. I love Chiharu Shiota’s work. You ask how is your decopatch different to her work? In the same way that an apple is different to an orange.

    • i wasn’t comparing my work to hers, anyone with a proper appreciation of the arts (or grammar) would have figured that out. i was referring to the collage. i’m not stupid to compare myself to her (or as you said it apples to oranges). i know my place and i know where i stand in it.

  8. cooper is right. a reality check here: why do i accept compliments but am aggressively defensive when criticized? why has this piece, which is so mediocre, so home-made, garnered people’s admiration? and why have i not questioned those people who liked it rather than taken their comments for face value? shame on me.

  9. I love your work here … very creative … my friend gave me a collage she did years ago just as a project i believe … I framed it and its now one of my favourites on my wall … btw i feel that you have so much rage! :)

    • well I agree its passion .. but what i mean in some of your works I feel some emotions of sadness or anger behind the art … (btw this is not negative in anyway :) )

    • thanks frank. the best thing you can tell me is that this has inspired you to create something yourself. i love these kinds of ripple effects.

  10. Interesting that such a simple idea would garner so much verbose energy. It seems that ego has a lot to do with our definition of that which is art vs. craft. When does art become craft and when does craft become a “work” of art?
    Matisse used crafts to create art (an example not a comparison)- Just because Decopatch is positioned as a craft hobby medium should not limit someone from incorporating it – the completed piece is a collage which included newspaper, wrapping paper also- if I’m not mistaken. People who create should not limit themselves to what’s on the label, and that is in fact why this link is being shared with the folks who manufacture the paper. Whether it is “art” or “craft” we responded to this exploration and exercise…. I’d love to have it on my wall!

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