Thank You, Henry

you have made my ankles very happy

On a shopping spree in Beirut last week, my mom introduced me to Henry’s Handmade boutique. Inside, I met Henry, an accessory maker who works with leather, thread, coins and other fun trinkets. I regret not having my camera that day because in his tiny shop he had all sorts of relics from his childhood and these funky, colorful, spherical TV sets. Everywhere. But what I loved most were the details of how he conducted his business.I picked up the pieces I wanted and put them on this wooden tray he lay out for me on the teeny countertop. When payment was settled he placed my jewelry in an envelope styled from a previously used A4 piece of paper. That was it, I was so happy to meet a fellow re-user, recycler, tree hugger that I took his address and promised to write. So, this is my thank you to Henry with the eye for detail and the love for this earth.

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