Dar Al-Funoon Summer Exhibition 2010

I am proud to say that Fairuz is now hanging at the Dar Al-Funoon Gallery as part of its annual summer exhibit. The gallery, situated in the Behbehani Villas in Sharq (see map), is open twice a day every day except for Friday and Saturday. Times: 10am-1pm/4pm-7pm

Thanks to photographer Khaled Al-Saleh for the photos.

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    • thank you. she really is. i really want to encourage people to go see her at dar al-funoon. not just for fairuz, but the other works and the gallery itself. there’s this myth that the gallery is hard to access due to construction in the area, but i will soon be posting a map of how to get there!

  1. I’m so excited to know that Fairouz got moved to Dar Al_Fonoun. Whish you all the best



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