Away For Ten Days

i want to go home

I’m in Beirut. I don’t have internet on my computer so it’s hard to update, upload or do anything new. So this is just a forget-me-not. I’m going to list some of my favorite posts for you to visit: Home, My Fourth Dream, and Them & Me. Of course there are many more that I would like to remind you of, but working with anything other than my own Mac is frustrating and infuriating. So feel free to explore the rooms on this blog. Can’t wait to get back to my routine!

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      • You’re never out of hot air. Do you know which of the world’s creatures produces the most methane? You’re probably thinking cows. The correct answer is termites. Imagine. All those little bowels and anuses working so hard to contribute to global warming. I don’t remember Al Gore mentioning that fact!

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