Homes: Peter Duckett|Ma’adi, Cairo

you're finally home

What a journey. About a month or two ago, my high school Spanish teacher, Mr. Duckett, e-mailed me. He liked my painting, Drum, and was interested in buying it. Of course I mentally jumped up and down with joy because it’s always great to find a home for my girls. I immediately, however, crashed because I thought: how on earth am I going to get the painting to Cairo? The most obvious route was to have the painting couriered to Cairo, but we were constantly obstacled by two pretty words which make up one awful phrase: red tape. Thanks to my Uncle Abdel-Salam, I was able to send my painting with him. Yesterday, she was finally united with her new keeper, Mr. Duckett.

Cross the bridge to see the rest of the flat that my drummer girl now shares with Peter Duckett.

‘Most of my apartment is furnished with items salvaged from the garbage heap or designed by me and built by local workers’-Peter Duckett

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  1. i must say that when i saw these, it brought back his memory to me. he was such a colorful teacher. one of my favorites! i do hope to meet him sometime soon. but as corny and cliched as it is, as i was wrapping the painting, i was thinking that it’s here now and tomorrow it will be there and somehow our paths have crossed after more than twenty years. great apartment, great guy.

  2. Yes, I’m thrilled to have Drum in my home! Yes, it was a wild two month journey. Thanks so much to your uncle, Abdel-Salam, for transporting the painting and cutting through the “red tape.”

  3. I remember Sen~or Duckett very well. He was my junior high (this was before “middle school” existed) Spanish teacher in 1987. He was a colourful man, with stories of hiking in Ethiopia and travels in Europe, and a family that owned an island off the coast of Maine.

    I can’t believe he still lives in Cairo! Sen~or Duckett, if you’re reading this: Hello from an old student!

    • wait, were we in class together? i remember the island and something about taking a panoramic photo of it. remember the game we used to play (basketball with a crumpled up piece of paper!) and the christmas song! i still sing it when i’m watering my plants :).

    • Yes, I am still in Cairo.

      So, Ahmed, where are you these days? Send me an email at – or find me on facebook – or tweet me on twitter at tengorillatoes – would love to hear from you!

  4. Ghadah, what’s your full name? We may have been in class together. Senor Duckett, I just accepted your friend request on FB and am writing you a short e-mail there right now.

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