From Under the Rug|Heart & the Gutting

these photos were taken by my brother, mohammed. in this picture is the reflection of the gallery. my son, k, is reading one of the notes. look how neat and organized the bags are. the corkboard is almost bare

In January 2008 I had a very personal exhibition at the Sultan Gallery. It was the culmination of seven months of writing a daily note and preparing a paper bag lunch for my college imaginary friend, Thomas. The bags were a result of a very traumatic and painful period in my life. They helped me cope and channel my energy into something aesthetically pleasing and tactile. The notes were extremely candid because when I started I hadn’t intended on having anyone read them. The bags were not meant to be opened. I only decided a month before the exhibition to have people open the dated bags and tack the contents onto a corkboard.

I’m sorry the pictures are so small! I had to drag them from my old blog because I can’t find the original photos. If I ever find them (I’m hopeless at organizing my files!) I will update this post, promise.

My friend, W, was nice enough to send me this link (well, she was nice enough to take the photos and post them on flickr in the first place). To go there, please click on this W. Thank you, W!

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  1. I remember being both surprized and scared by the “candidness” the contents of the bags.You smiled for the camera, but it was a strained smile.
    I think Heart and The Gutting was one of the most creative exhibits ever. I don’t know if I told you this before, but it would be great if make a book out of this exhibit.You are a talented writer as you are a painter.

    I have a set on flickr for this exhibit, you can download the pictures that you like.

  2. I looked at W’s flickr site – wow – I’d forgotten what an emotional and raw event it was. The pictures brought it all back, like being punched in the face. You did a naked show there Ghadah.

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