A Portrait of Yasmine Alkandari

my new camera is less than spectacular. it doesn’t capture the strokes like my old camera did

Y this morning. I’m really enjoying the skirt and will work some more on her crazy top. It just needs to be tweaked here and there.

3 Comments on “A Portrait of Yasmine Alkandari”

    • Hello. I do paint portraits of friends. I don’t think I’ve ever painted a portrait of someone I didn’t know! I am a little busy now with my exhibition coming up in March, but after that, I will definitely consider it! Meanwhile you can email me at ghadah@kandari.org whenever, after March, you are ready to be painted :). Thank you.

  1. Unfortunately I live in the States, and only come to Kuwait a couple of weeks every year, and for 2013 it will be in late January. However, meeting you in person is now on my bucket list, so I will definitely contact you some time in the near future :)

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