Art Lesson at the G|May 23

Eman is making progress with the shawl. She really gets into it. She’s painting a very difficult object. Fabric is hard enough let alone patterned fabric. Bravo, Eman!

6 Comments on “Art Lesson at the G|May 23”

  1. wow! It must be difficult, great job Eman!
    Oh and i love the scarf, is it for sale? ;p

    • reem, i don’t think you even want to go near the scarf! it’s been in my studio for four weeks and we’re so afraid that someone will crash into the table. it’s silk and has greatly deflated since eman started painting it. plus i don’t think it’s for sale :)

    • It is difficult but I enjoy working with colors…Whenever I use this scarf, I feel that Im surround it with spring

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