The Bulletin

I was lying down on my couch in the studio staring up at my board and thinking: hey, this would make a great game of i spy. So do you want to play? I spy…

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      • Still looking for sportive cock (as in animal, pistol or unmentionable other?), August disk (huh, wasthat?), Artist and her mother (faces are blurred, but I think I see artist and her daughter rather than mother, and have no idea where the mirzam manifesto is. Still looking.

        • sportive cock (think french, and not in an unmentionable way). a cd with august written on it. have you considered that maybe the artist is z ;)? the mirzam manifesto. i wouldn’t expect you to know that. it’s a leaflet from this exhibition by two kuwaiti artists jointly called the mirzam manifesto. i saw their work at the 4 gallery in rai (or is it shuwaikh?). look for a portrait of a lady with a greyhound’s head. there. i think i gave you enough hints.

      • OK, I got mother and artist ( I love you z), got greyhound manifesto (actually they did well advertising this event because even I, who gets nowhere, knew about them and their exhbition at 4 but I’m more familiar with their logo and calligraphy images), still can’t see any kind of cock (french, mentionable or otherwise) found a tag label with the word ‘august’ on it but not a cd and not in the same picture (first picture on the left hand side).
        erm, and what about palestinian dress?
        Feeling stupid,

  1. oh, m, m, m. le coq sportif, on maradona’s shirt. and there is a CD with the word august written in cursive on it. and there is an invitation with a palestinian dress on it….sharpen your eyes, love :)

    oh. i can’t find the palestinian dress either…

    ok. there’s a whole frikkin’ photo missing!

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