My Second Dream|Friday May 21

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I love three things: I love tracing paper, I love graph paper, and I love my scanner. You can imagine my delight when I found a pad of tracing graph paper by my scanner! What fun I had with my new dream this morning.

9 Comments on “My Second Dream|Friday May 21”

  1. oh no, i spelled ‘stare’ wrong! i’ve been mixing up my homonyms a lot lately :( thank you laura and sara. it’s always encouraging to hear a good word!

  2. You’re fearless – to ‘overdraw’ stuff, not be too precious about your work, and do things which can’t be corrected – takes some serious (yet girly) ‘kohonas’…

    • now i know why ignorance is bliss. i had no idea i was being brave.

      it’s funny that you speak about things which cannot be corrected. one of the biggest challenges of something like this is how to correct it. the solutions sometimes are more exciting than the original plan.

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