Dream & the Nonsense

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What did you dream last night?

I have mailed this picture to a friend, but I’m not saying who. I just hope the postal service doesn’t fail me this time.

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  1. i love it… but i dont get it… or i got something completely other than what is meant.. hmmm.. its making me think…
    but i love it… but i dont get it

    • hussa, i don’t get it either!

      really, there is never just one meaning to anything is there. i mean, look at how i interpret your photographs :). you don’t need to ‘get’ anything. you know you love it and that’s all that should matter.

  2. I feel it, it makes sense to my perception, relations.. but I see it more as a night dream rather than a daydream, maybe the director of daydreams is different :-)

    • well, it’s very free associative, isn’t it? and that’s allowing our minds to wander beyond the walls that constrain our ‘logical’ thought. the most difficult thing is to numb your brain in order to paint or draw freely. that’s why children are the best artists; they haven’t yet developed the rules and the inhibitions which regiment their minds.

  3. I see it as a short-nap-related hallucination..
    and you gotta love the “rainbow”!
    The coming together of a community, a weaving of relations and stories..
    I love.

  4. Hope the picture gets to where it’s going to but my experience one should never depend on Kuwait postal service. I never received my birthday gift (a Marimekko beach bag)sent through the post from Spain last year. I am certain that somebody in the postal service is sitting on a whole pile of lovely presents carrying MY beach bag on their shoulder.

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