Images of Thought|A Short Lecture

I went to my very first lecture in ages this morning at the Kuwait University: Accounting for Affect: Kuwaiti Women Between Freedom and Apathy by Dr. Mai Al-Nakib. I must say that I was a little lost at first but caught on ten minutes into the lecture. What can I say, I’m a little rusty where academia is concerned. Here are my class notes.

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  1. I was there! But i came in a bit late.. My friends told me you were there.. but you left before i got to see you.
    Your notes are awesome!

    • wow you’re fast i just posted these!!! amazing :)…yeah you can use these notes for future exams hee hee.
      so you were there too? it sucks that i didn’t get to meet anyone, i had to run to pick up my children. there were so many questions i wanted to ask but no time.

  2. Eee we were all stalking you *creepy laugh*

    You did that while Dr. Mai was presenting? Or after? Mashalla, good job :D

    By the way, it’s “aTavistic” not “adavistic”
    darn American pronounciations lol

    • i did the notes there. it had to be this flow of thought (or hand, rather) because my thoughts were with her. it’s how i took notes in class.
      oh so many questions. too many. but i tend to ramble on and drift from the subject at hand so….

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  4. Я дізнався його під час мого життя в якості шпигуна. Я був реальний пастки меду в ті дні. Досить улов!

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