Grow Up & Blow Away|Metric

17 Comments on “Grow Up & Blow Away|Metric”

  1. amaaaaaazing work ghadah i loved the song my favorite part is the girls with the leash holding on the chairs loved it :)


  2. I hope you put it on youtube. I know you will be famous and Radiohead or Mazzy Star will ask you to do a vid for them!!! the chair on the leash was my favorite part too…you are incredible!!!!!!!!!


  3. Oh my lord! I really really enjoyed this G! Fantastic work, you should definitely do more video montages. xo


  4. Wow! I am so blown away!
    The part where they come out of the box is fascinating, oh and your love for chairs fascinates me too.
    Keep it up! :*


  5. Ghadah it’s Amaazing !!
    I Loved it ! how many times did u listen to this song to do it? :D
    nice .. keep it up, & more movies please ;)


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