Art Lesson at the G

eman elshareef and three white mugs

Last summer I was asked by  Eman Elshareef if I would give her art lessons. I was quite hesitant at first because I’d always thought of teaching as a highly respected vocation, necessitating great patience, a good connection with the pupil and a strong ability to instruct effectively, characteristics none of which I possessed. Somehow she convinced me and we started last November. I must say that despite my lack of experience in this field, it turned out I had a bit of patience, a fine connection with my student, and a simple, yet effective way of teaching: just watch and listen to me paint.

4 Comments on “Art Lesson at the G”

  1. Wow! I didn’t know you gave lessons! That’s great! Although you sound like a tough teacher and Eman must be very brave! How can I get lessons? Can I email you to discuss? What’s your email address?

  2. thanks, cooper, for your interest. i am looking to recruit..i mean enroll:) more students but only if they are free in the mornings as eman has the only afternoon slot i can provide!
    for lessons, contact me at
    looking forward to hearing from you!

  3. wow wow wow i had no idea…you are so good at keeping secrets….i have no words this is incredible. you are so kind i can see that through the work of your student.

  4. My 2 hours practising …means a lot to me.

    It is a kind of meditation… I wish I have more time to get out all what I have inside me….

    Colors are my joy

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