Ghadah|Complete & Abridged

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I posted this earlier but I’m lucky for having very honest friends who said the previous slideshow was kinda long and boring.

5 Comments on “Ghadah|Complete & Abridged”

  1. She’s so big! Or is it that you are so small?
    The wonderful thing about seeing all the stages is that at first she was a girl and then she became you, then you disappeared, then I could see you again, but I think finally she’s just a girl again with a red dot in her eye and Ghadah standing by her side.
    I can’t tell you how many times I wantched this loop. mesmerizing.

  2. Don’t tell me – you found a bottle with a label attached and on which was written ‘Drink Me’ and you did – shrinking to 10% of your normal size and now you can’t reach the second bottle on the table that’s going to restore you to your normal size?

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