I’m forty years old and still fertile. And with this fertility comes a monthly trial, an emotionally and physically trying nuisance. It’s difficult to imagine the goings on in my womb, the breaking of the lining as if by tiny bundles of TNT, the flow of blood from my pipes and the disaster which ensues. But at the same time this is my period, a reminder that I am still eligible for procreation, my own private fountain of youth.

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  1. Listening from some adverse effects that women get with menopause, I’ve heard some say they were confused as to whether it was worse when they HAD their period or when they were going through menopause. Eek – to each their own, because obviously some then decided later it was way less hassle (albeit the inconvenience) having to deal with a monthly cycle as opposed to when they have to deal with the nutty menopausal-effects!

  2. I’m trying to love the monthly leaking..
    the little hearts in the drawing are beautiful, i love.

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