Homes:Ghadah Alkandari

because i am a bleeding woman, i have decided to gift myself this painting. it's mine and it looks great in my studio

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  1. Hi Ghada i was exposed to your work recently and i have to admit that i fell in love with your paintings, am an architect myself and i appreciate art in general and now seeing your studio made me appreciate you more i love how the studio are put together and the colour of the place in general! i was wondering whether you do sell your paintings and whether you have an exhibition coming up,hope to here from you soon.

    • thanks, mohammed. the studio looks great in the photo but when you bring all the clutter in, the stuff you can’t see in the picture, it’s quite disastrous.
      i do have an exhibition coming up at the sultan gallery in november. and my paintings are for sale.

  2. Ghada, your work is fantastic! Please put me on your email list. I loved your Um Kulthoum painting. Any left from the series?

    • Hello and thank you. I’m afraid the Um Kulthoum was a one-off! I did it on a whim, then did Fairuz and that was it. For a couple of months I jumped onto the icon-painting/rendering bandwagon and thankfully jumped right off! I don’t have a mailing list but you can subscribe to the blog if you like. Thanks for visiting :)


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