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  1. I once made a CV where I traced all the key ‘career’ nodes along my lifeline…

    I’ve also been considering getting an ‘Architects Tattoo’ where various decorative patterns along the forearm can actually be used as a measuring device, i.e. I could put my arm against an architectural detail ( a slab of stone, a counter top…) and check their accuracy by comparing it against the metric pattern of my tattoo..?!

    • well, the first line i drew was the longest one, 12 cms. i actually used a ruler to measure the intervals. then i thought, hmmm, i wonder how long my life line is. and i couldn’t stop after that until i ran out of clear lines.

    • i usually do this to myself when painting or drawing on paper won’t do. its one of the manifestations of my terrible PMS. it doesn’t usually extend to any other part of my body.

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