In Love With Polyhedrons

I just discovered a new love. It’s more like a tantric obsession with these impossibly irresistible shapes. I get so absorbed by drawing these triangular clusters that I lose track of time and space. And then the triangle gets so ridiculous that my hand forgets how to draw one and I have to think: how do you draw a triangle?

8 Comments on “In Love With Polyhedrons”

  1. Oooooh, nice. Love the big image. The polyhedrons remind me of honeycomb. I like to think about honeycomb even tho’ I don’t like to eat honey. But honeycomb is beautiful and miraculous. And so is your drawing.

    • gosh i can’t imagine doing that. i’ll go mad just thinking about it. but it’s so exciting at the same time. and a little arousing in a very funny non-sexual kind of way.

  2. They look a bit like Scandinavian Christmas decorations – usually assembled from straw and red string and hung from the ceiling as mobiles…

    Go Buckminster Fuller..!!!

  3. I find myself making tetrahedrons on napkins in bars, when I need to concentrate, and when I am bored… I am obsessed in polyhedrons and the fact that math and geometry are not inherent in me. Color-that’s so easy…perspective and shape…I can do, but 3dimensional shapes and planes….as I have practiced, I’ve learned a lot, but what is in my head…I still can’t get it perfect…Nice work..

    • there’s something very mesmerizing about them, because they are so repetitive. yet if done casually like on a napkin or flippantly in a notebook, they allow my mind to relax and wander and that’s a good thing. i do eventually forget to breathe and then get annoyed by the end because they do seem quite infinite!

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