A Poem By Reem

This is a tiny video I made, inspired by and ‘illustrated’ for Reem Al-Ali’s poem Untitled [lesbian]. I am including the actual poem below because to my horror, the poem is illegible. So sorry, Reemy, I’ll do better next time.

Untitled [lesbian]

Together they crawled into a left-out space,

and made it their own…

They were both different and the same,

to it they were drawn…

At the dark red they both glanced,

and laughed at an order gone and thrown.

11 Comments on “A Poem By Reem”

  1. Ayyy.. I am SO blown away!! and honored!
    I like the illustration more than my poem, which is both good and bad ;p
    I love it, the becoming-ness of the two paper-figures just captured the meaning perfectly.
    Thanks.. I am in love.


    • hussa, i fell in love with the simplicity of the words. you can put together a hodgepodge of humungous words and it means nothing to anyone. but a few simple words placed strategically create a wonderful bang.


  2. simply beautiful! i love that both poem and aimation are that short- makes it all more poignant.reminds me of an old german plastacine model animation of hansel and gretel that i loved watching when i was little; didn’t understand the language but kinda got what they were saying.


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