Proof That I’m Still Working On Fairuz

I know it’s been a while since I posted anything on Fairuz. She has been giving me hell but I think we’re approaching completion. My paint-drenched fingers are crossed. So I’m hoping by the weekend we’ll be done. Hopefully before, it depends on how she behaves.

5 Comments on “Proof That I’m Still Working On Fairuz”

  1. your fairuz folly looks beautiful…at least from the angle i see on this huge piece. It really is a relationship between subject and the conveyer and i can relate to your desire for her (or you) to “behave” :) looking forward to seeing where this goes x

    • mira, she’s going somewhere! the process i’m working with is long and difficult to control. and with every mistake or change of mind, i go back a few steps in it’s progress. but i’m enjoying it too and can’t wait for us to finish!

      • i like the use of the “us” factor…your teamwork is inspiring to me. when does it ever stop at its destination? maybe a few steps back and some distance (as with most of our relationships)is necessary in order to see better. this is a practise in itself and perhaps the only control we have in this medium. i’m keeping an eye out x

  2. I love it ! ‘proof that I’m still working on Fairuz’ these shots in action! Live art and live artist!

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