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  1. Hahahaha “stop having babies”!
    It is a shrine, glorify the woman for fulfiling her role in life, the womb/women/baby-maker.
    I’m just being too nasty ;p
    Mbrook for the baby.
    And you should’ve kicked the hijab-comment lady!

  2. If people don’t have babies in Kuwait….how will they ever justify their gluttonous consumption of food and lethargy?

    At least now they can say “I don’t have time to become an activist as I’m planning to have a baby,” or “I’m pregnant, I can’t do that,” or “oh dear, I just gave birth, I can’t do anything.”

  3. I love it when people talk about me as if I’m not there. It makes me feel like I’m a disabled person and unable to answer for myself.

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