Homes:Shatha & Qatami Al-Qatami

This morning I visited Ophelia. I have never done this before, just visited a painting of mine in it’s own right. It took my breath away when I spotted it as soon as I walked through Shatha Al-Qatami’s front door. But my first glimpse of Ophelia was through a mirror, which is what took me aback. I’m very directionally impaired and this sense of dislocation had me quite confused for a few seconds. It’s thanks to Shatha pointing at the actual painting that I found Ophelia looking regally over the dining area, a hostess awaiting her guests.

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  1. wow! ophelia has done really rather well for herself! she looks great, and happy. well, happy in an ophelia kind of way.

  2. I wanted to comment on your blog as you requested all on onther site that shall remain nameless (I refuse to endorse anything)and I wanted to say that everyday(though I don’t post any comments) I look through your blog, secretely looking for dots knowing I won’t find them…..but today, in this post, I have found something else I have also been missing. There you are, Ophelia!

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