Sketchbook Z|The Last Eight

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  1. How do you feel when you get to the end of a sketchbook? Elated, dejected, or indifferent?

  2. you know, i have never really finished a sketchbook. there are usually a few blank pages left. maybe that gives me a sense of control, ending it on my own terms! the only book i was quite purposeful about was my ‘sketchbook twenty ten’. i bought it with the idea to draw my girls in their various day to day doings and happenings. i was very systematic and the theme of the ladies and content remained consistent throughout. even, for the most part, the composition of the pages remained the same.

  3. I’ve gone through your others posts of your artwork, I’m telling my art professor about you. She held a gallery here in Kuwait some weeks ago, she’d be excited to see your work.

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