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I love boxes, I love chairs, and I love women. Ok, that last bit didn’t sound quite right although it’s true. I DO love women. I love drawing and painting them, I love their wide array of emotions and complexities, and I love the fact that I am a woman. This is one of those drawings that incorporates all three of my favorite subjects with a medium I love: ink on tracing paper. I love tracing paper. I love the way it crinkles and has a mind of its own. If you were to spend a whole month with a box, chair, woman or tracing paper, which would it be?

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  1. i think i would choose to live with tracing paper for a month. to organize my time i would divide my month into four weeks. i would dedicate one week to origami (divide that even further into different categories like architecture, animals, vehicles, hats etc), one week rolling it into little scrolls, a week to ripping it to shreds, and lastly (because i think by this time i will have gone utterly mad) crumbling it up and throwing it at the wall and ceilings.

  2. Ok. Well, as much as I am fond of boxes, tracing paper, and chairs, I think it would have to be the woman. She would have multiple uses – I could perhaps store things on and occasionally in her, and if of the right build might make a comfy chair when required. I, unlike you, could survive a month without tracing paper. You can have mine.

  3. you can create a box, but not a very strong one. a chair – but not a usable one. and an image of a woman. what’s the use of all that?

  4. since you opened your blog and I was trying to comment on your blog and never succeeded!

    So this time it should work :-)

    I would spend a whole month with a chair (or making one) and some tracing paper..

  5. A Woman for sure hahahaha
    I used different chairs, spent a lot of sleepless nights drawing on trace paper, and owned many boxes to keep my little things, but a woman ummM… sounds GREAT!

  6. what if you were to spend the month with all four and at the end of it had to come up with a powerful installation. i imagine a woman lying on the floor naked, tracing paper stuffed in her mouth, the front legs of the chair on her belly like a lion feeding off a carcass and a tiny box in her left hand.

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