New Color

compass, 2009, charcoal on linen

A week ago, my friend Simon Balsom and I were talking about colors. I was griping about all these products coming out, marketed as being revolutionary and cutting edge. So I said that what would really blow me away is if someone discovered a new color.

Two days ago, Simon called me and said that he found a new color. I was skeptical but my interest was piqued. So he told me this story:

At work, a man came through to Simon’s first floor office on a little tour of the premises. He then went back downstairs. A little later he returned upstairs to Simon’s office and stood in front of this picture which is hanging near his desk, and said, “There are a million works of art in the world, but when I saw this I saw something different. It was like seeing art for the same time. It was like someone has created a new color.”

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  1. i didn’t want to include this little bit in the post but you can imagine my excitement after hearing this story. i made simon repeat what the man said over and over. and to have come just a week after my new color comment. WAHOO!

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