From the Bspot|Fashion Fascists|Originally Posted August 11, 2009

You and I see things differently. A chewed apple in my mouth tastes different than a chewed apple in yours. You may love shoulder pads, but to me they are a representation of a decade best left behind.

In a society where commodities like intelligence and thinking are left on the back burner, we find other ways to entertain ourselves. For example, I enjoy walking through a mall and watching the fashion victims/predators who have taken the latest trends and extremified them to an agonizing death. I wish the women would put as much energy into reading a book as to discovering the next humungous item to stuff under their veil; as if the size of their head were directly proportionate to their IQ. Or more importantly still, their fashion savvy. And I wish the boys would just stop dressing like women.
But to them, I am the fashion victim. Because they see me walking around in my comfy jeans and loose top, no make-up, unbrushed hair, my bag and shoes ripped and splattered with paint. Poor me.

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