From the Bspot|To the Ball|Originally Posted August 4, 2009

The other day my sister and I were fooling around with a gown and a camera. I took around a hundred pictures of Yasmine frolicking in this dress.  This morning I was paging through my sketchbook and found this picture that reminded me so much of Yasmine in that dress.

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  1. I am very interested in the painting I’m seeing here entitled, “DRUM” from 2007. Does someone already own it? If not, talk to me more about it. Tell me information about pricing. I’m VERY interested.

    • you know, the painting has an added splash on it that wasn’t photographed when i thought i was finished with it! just a little purple splash out of one of the ears. actually, it doesn’t belong to anyone yet. it’s priced at $1700. i don’t have it on me but i can pick it up friday and photograph it for you. it’s so exciting when people ‘select’ a painting, a favorite :)
      it’s one of my floating paintings, which means it didn’t belong to any specific exhibition, solo or group. it’s one of around seven i did at a very low point in my life, one of the ‘dark’ ones both literally and figuratively. this one is different than the others, though, because of the bold lines on the face: the yellow, the pink, and the addition of the green lined ears.

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