My Color Sketchbook

A few years ago I bought a sketchbook. At the time I couldn’t find these sketchbooks in Kuwait so would buy them in Europe or the States. It was always special when I bought a new one and I took very good care that the books were themed by medium and state of mind. This particular sketchbook was very emo-oriented as opposed to being whimsical like my other ones. I think most of it was filled using Japanese poster paints. The book itself has a very antique, rugged feel to it, like it had been left out in the rain and sun. I haven’t filled all the pages yet, but I hope to some day.

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  1. mm..I guess ‘polyedric’ or ‘polyhedric’ are not used the same in english as in italian. Wht I meant to say is that you are multifaceted, eclectic, complex, multi-directional, kaleidoscopic, and multi-layered :)

  2. you know, it’s what i thought, or believed the word would mean he he :). thank you, miti, that’s a great compliment and i’m glad someone out there thinks that!

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