From the Bspot|Fruitcake|Originally posted October 4, 2009

forbidden fruitcake

Why do we accept fruitcakes? Well, it’s not my tradition to receive a fruitcake once a year but there was once an attempt at gifting me one and I refused politely. I matter-of-factly stated that neither I nor my children will eat it and it will go to waste.
When did we, as humans, learn to accept behavior unacceptable to us? Why can’t we just be honest about stuff that shouldn’t even get us in trouble in the first place. If I don’t want a cookie I should be able to say no and the offerer should be able to process that ‘no’ is a refusal and not a stab at coyness.
If I don’t like someone, I should be able to tell them and it shouldn’t provoke offense. I’d want someone to tell me that they don’t like me (they’d have to actually not like me). Not out of the blue, but if I’m pushing to be their friend and they don’t really want it, they should tell me. No offense would be taken. And why do we insist on taking someone’s number when we meet them. I stopped taking numbers, unless I genuinely want to call. I have become almost rude about it.
So try not to be a fruitcake. Be with people you like, eat what you like, sleep when you want (and you can), and do whatever you wish without hurting others. Merry Christmas in October!

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