Fairuz & Me|Making Amends On March 9 AM



A few days ago I had a little accident with Fairuz. I tried as much as I could to fix it without completely erasing the remnants of that serendipitous incident.

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    • yeah, she was supposed to be floating but i prefer her grounded, and i’ll tell you why: first of all, the painting needs a solid. i just feel it does, there’s no right or wrong. it’s all so drippy and ethereal, i like to keep it balanced with something more concrete and solid. the base, or pedestal, won’t be so black but will remain dark.
      secondly, because the whole thing is dreamy i wanted to bring it a little down to earth. she still looks and feels like a floating ghost. and who knows, once i add a bit of color to the platform, she might appear to float. it’s not done yet.

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