From the Bspot|Plane Sketches|November 27, 2006, Kuwait Airways Flight 177, Kuwait to Paris|Originally Posted June 29, 2009

the countdown begins an hour into the flightThese were done on board Kuwait Airways in late 2006. I was flying with Amira Behbehani (to my left) and Thuraya Al-Baqsami (on my right). We were en route to Paris for a group show at the Institut Du Monde Arabe (also with us was Suhaila Al-Najdi sitting in Business Class the lucky duck). It must have been one of the most unpleasant daytime flights ever. The cabin crew had asked passengers to draw the window blinds and turned off all lights. Thuraya was really funny because she wasn’t going to take it sitting down. She finally asked-well, told-the flight attendant that she knew what they were up to; that they wanted the passengers to be asleep throughout the flight so that they didn’t have to worry about serving us! Soon after her complaint, the lights were all on again and people were starting to wake up from their siestas. The drawings I’ve included here are a fraction of the ones I drew on that plane. I started off in an orderly fashion but soon enough I started losing it. I came to a point where it didn’t matter what I drew as long as I kept my hand busy.

listens well


random words and worries

chaos without and within order

sometimes i forget on purpose

backgammon at the el corte ingles

i completely lose it

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