From the Bspot|Like Glue|Originally Posted August 25, 2009

elbow space please!

In our lives we experience people who cling. It’s hard to accept that someone you like/love may cling to you, so imagine having to deal with one you don’t even like. I’m sure everyone who’s never clung to anyone has had someone cling onto them. Physical clingers are children who will attach themselves to you. I know one particular little girl who, if you have the misfortune of being liked by her, will cling to you like Saran wrap. Then there are the phone clingers. People who call and won’t let you go. I don’t like phones as it is and there are just a handful of people I enjoy having a phone conversation with. Lastly, there are people who you just can’t shake off, no matter how many hints you drop, whether it’s an overzealous shop assistant, or someone you’ve regretted taking a brief interest in. Read between the lines, just don’t cling!

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