Fairuz & Me|All Out War on March 7 AM

”]DAMN DAMN DAMN. I could just punch her right now. Well, it’s my fault really. Physics? In any account, it’s not her fault. But I can see that this may be a serendipitous moment. Oomph I can just scream.

my favorite (well, most practical/comfortable) jeans. this blot looks like some futuristic animal.

poor fairuz and poor me

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  1. An excellent reason to turn a jeans into a walking piece of visual confetti if you ask me!

    Tear it up, smear some colors onto it, glue a few raisins on, scribble a line or two from a song you like, add lipstick, put in tumbler with with glue and feathers–voila! An even comfy-er pair of jeans! :D

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