From the Bspot|Plane Sketches|August 22-24, Too Many Planes to Too Many Destinations|Originally Posted July 12, 2009

the squares. i think this is when it all started

What was supposed to be a simple flight from Frankfurt to Kuwait turned into a nightmarish Juha-like trip which spanned three days. All thanks to the incompetence of our then travel agents. I was traveling with my ex-husband and three children, first to Amsterdam and then a road/train trip around Germany. A few days before our trip back to Kuwait, we luckily learned (to our horror nonetheless) that our flight back had been cancelled. So our revised and far-less-than-improved itinerary became as such: Frankfurt, north to Amsterdam, south to Abu-Dhabi, north to Bahrain, and then north again to Kuwait. The sketch above is the first incident of my square fixation. I was drawing the squares in a tantric-like state, from Amsterdam to Abu-Dhabi. I soon started a small sketchbook dedicated to just squares, page after page. I lost that book.

i see stars


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