Fairuz & Me|February 22 Morning

Fairuz you will get your mouth back soon. i'm just having a little trouble with it at the moment

She’s proving to be a little difficult. It’s very hard getting bits and pieces from one photo or another. I really need to feel her and it’s not happening yet. But it’ll come. I can’t wait to get back to my girls. At least they don’t fight back. Not like Fairuz anyway.

mouth gone


you have a mouth again. but it's not yours

here's a new mouth. but it's not yours

so i take it back again

3 Comments on “Fairuz & Me|February 22 Morning”

  1. I like the whole composition even thought the mouth was not hers;) GREAT PROGRESS< EXPERIMENTING…you are such an artist….BEAUTIFUL

  2. cowper, all roads lead to the conclusion that um kulthum and fairuz never met, although you would think they did. u.k. was thirty years f’s senior, not sure when fairuz’s career really took off. anyway, i could be wrong and i kind of hope i am.
    miti, thank you. i actually had a dream that i was painting fairuz’s mouth. i know i won’t rest until i get it right.

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