Notes & Doodles From the National Council Days

i love writing for the sake of writing sometimes. when i was six or seven i loved writing the number 8. in math, i would always be wishing that the answer was 8 so that i could write it. my mom got me a giant marker and i remember just writing 8's on any surface i was allowed to write on

I don’t remember the exact dates but for a period of around three years (1997-2000) I was employed at the National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters. I started out quite gung-ho until about a year into my job when I discovered that my work there was redundant. I think two other people were assigned to do the same thing and I was just another office accessory.

I had my own room so I could more or less do whatever I liked, and I liked drawing and writing. My journalist friend, Fatma Al-Saffar knew I had a penchant for sketchbooks so she used to bring me these wonderful writing tablets from the newspaper she was working for at the time. I also had, believe it or not, a game of boggle in my desk and I used to play it all the time. As much as I enjoyed finding and scribbling down the words, I found the visual quite pleasing as well. So these are some pages from one of the writing pads.


red arch

i'm yellow but brave


pink and blue

jet pack engine grocery shopping

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