Fairuz & Me|February 21 Morning

fairuz and the flower in her hair

When I painted Um Kulthum, it was because I was inspired by an exhibition at 360 mall to paint her and not her music or who she was. I don’t claim to have an understanding of Fairuz but I know how I feel when I see her or hear her music. She and her songs evoke memories of my childhood whereas Um Kulthum did not. Um Kulthum was a challenge I enjoyed the experience of standing up to; Fairuz I am painting with something more than that, a personal treasure of memories. So let’s see what happens!

I am using some photographs. But I feel that I don’t really need them. This sketch I did from memory and feeling. I might need the pictures just to inspire me or get some technical help and color inspiration.

i want her to be almost floating like a ghost. in a good way. i picture this painting to be both brighter and darker than its predecessor, um kulthum. many people, especially in this part of the middle east, think of fairuz as dry and lifeless. i think of her as a stunning beauty with subtle vivacity

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