Contemporary Art Auction|17 February 2010|Kuwait

this is one of my favorite works at the auction and I'm happy to announce that it was sold for $37,000

I am very happy to announce that the auction last night raked in over half a million dollars! 30% of the proceeds will benefit K’s Path, which aims to bridge the gap between the humans and animals who call this country their home. And because things happen or tend to be clumped in threes, I’m going to post the top three earners (one of which happens to be Kuwaiti!)

funny. this was one of my LEAST favorites. sold at $31,000

shurooq's painting sold at $28,000

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  1. i agree on your choice of favorite. But did the painting sell with the projector and all?
    I hope your “dog sitting next to woman” sold well too…
    it was a fun event in kuwait

    • sarah, i don’t know if the projector was sold. i imagine that the disc would be because the music and image of the rabbits are the essence of the work. it was SO lovely speaking to farideh! she is someone i’d love to disguise myself as a ghost and watch quietly as she works. i’m sure she can be both entertaining and difficult! i can easily see her as a madwoman and i mean that in the BEST way possible!
      yes, my woman and dog did sell for a lovely $5,500 :)

  2. Thank you so much for this post… I was asking everyone how much the rabbits painting sold for as I walked a bit late and got distracted a couple of times. It was my absolute favorite… the projections were fantastic!

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