From the Bspot|How to Dismantle a 65 Kilo Crate & What to Do With It|Originally Posted July 11, 2009

so unassuming

A few days ago I received some of my paintings and drawings from The Third Line gallery in Dubai. The crate which carried my paintings weighed 65 kilos. The smaller one was much lighter but also heavy. To facilitate disposal, I decided to dismantle the crate piece by piece. The wood and foam were in excellent condition so I called my friend, H and asked if she wanted to come by and see if she could use any of it. She is a staunch recycler (or is it recyclist) and the only person I would blindly trust to remodel my home. She came by and told me that she couldn’t use any of it. My heart sank as I didn’t want to throw any of it away. As soon as she left, I heard my doorbell ring. It was H, pushing me out of her way and frantically telling me that the baladiya truck is outside (I had seen it from my window)!! Next I knew she had around ten small planks of wood in her arms. “Get the other stuff, get it!” It felt like a tornado swept through and took with it all the wood and foam I wanted out of there.

bit by bit, after unscrewing and prying planks loose, the crate began to come apart

and the stage was set...

for the poser in me. but that is never enough

the red backdrop was screaming for a wardrobe change, make-up and impromptu hair. i do try to enjoy myself whenever i can.

time to alight. back to the reality of little foam snowflakes

before h came over, i had already decided that i wanted to keep the lid of the small crate. it looked rustic and historic, like it had survived a shipwreck and washed onto shore. on it is a singaporean address. it was h's idea to use the box as well

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